Greenfields Premium Brands Inc. poised to become leader in cannabis industry

GreenfieldsOn a tour of Greenfields impressive development park on Calgary’s southern outskirts, it was easy to see why principals Jay Croteau and Lance Larsen are so enthusiastic about the boutique cannabis company’s prospects for growth.

Decades of experience in the science of growing combined with strong backgrounds in the financial industry give the Greenfields management team a leg up on most of the competition in the burgeoning cannabis sector.

“We understand the business at the deepest level,” explains Larsen. “We have worked extremely hard in testing and monitoring countless aspects of lighting and temperature controls. We have superior moisture control so there is zero mildew, zero mold on our plants.

“We are keenly aware of the genetics and the science of cannabis plant growth in general. We know how to maximize quality while ensuring a very high output per plant.”

Greenfields mission is to lead high growth investment in the Canadian cannabis sector, leveraging strategic land development, plant yield optimization, and management expertise.

Croteau and Larsen have high integrity, and they know how to run a rock-solid, profitable business.

“Coming from the financial sector gives us an important advantage,” adds Croteau, who ran his own financial advisory business profitably for many years. That success was tied to his ability to help businesses operate tax efficiently and with a healthy balance sheet.

The opportunity to invest in an early-stage cannabis company with solid roots and a great business plan in appealing to say the least.

Buoyed by the legalization of cannabis use in Canada, the industry is expected to see 700,000 registered patients (Mackie Research – April 8, 2016) and an ACMPR market of $2.1 billion (Health Canada report) by 2020.

Another Health Canada study indicated 89 licensed producers in the country with market potential of $22 billion annually for cannabis and ancillary market (Deloitte Report 2016 — Recreational Marijuana: Insights and Opportunities).

Greenfields is rolling out an effective plan to carve a lucrative slice of the enormous cannabis pie.

Greenfields has acquired a 14-acre medical cannabis business development park with a pending ACMPR application to become a licensed producer in Alberta.

This 20,000-sq-ft facility is projected to produce about 6,000 kg per year of cured medical cannabis, as well as 600 kg per year of high-grade cannabis oil.

The company’s existing test facility just south of Calgary serves as a laboratory for examining baseline design controls, automation, and standard operating procedures. Ongoing testing of lighting systems, security controls, environmental controls, and automation gives Greenfields the proven processes that will maximize plant yield as the company scales up.

Greenfields is expanding into retail Cannabis by opening as many as 5 retail locations to start, with as many as 15 retail locations available in Western Canada. These retail locations will be a key element in executing the distribution model and generating brand awareness.

In Canada, Greenfields’ focus is to complete the design, build, and license of medical cannabis facilities. This growing technology company is developing purpose built, automated, vertical production facilities designed to maximize production and minimize consumption cost.

Greenfields is positioned to be a leader in the global cannabis revolution. If you are interested in joining the green movement, contact Jay Croteau in Canada at 403-922- 2912, the U.S. at 702-710-8909 or email

Disclaimer: This feature is for informational purposes and is not an offer for sale. Anyone considering investing in Greenfields Premium Brands Inc. is advised to first consult an independent financial adviser.