MetCredit pumps oxygen into your business by bolstering cash flow

Brian Summerfelt, President & CEO
Brian Summerfelt, President & CEO

Debt collection agency MetCredit, following the vision of president and CEO Brian Summerfelt, is boosting the bottom lines of businesses by helping them stay on top of their accounts receivable.

“Cash flow is oxygen to business. When it gets suppressed, the consequences can be severe — even catastrophic. That’s why one or two non-paying customers can be enough to keep a business owner awake at night,” says Summerfelt, who has built the company on the pillars of trust and respect.

“Most clients view us as an extension of them. They don’t have the infrastructure to handle the receivables end. They do whatever they do well whether it’s making gadgets, selling equipment or services such as telco companies.”

The company was founded in 1973 with its head office in Edmonton. Branch offices exist in Vancouver, Mississauga and Montreal.

With Summerfelt’s leadership, the company is deeply rooted in its dedication to providing professional, reliable service characterized by the highest ethical standards. For years, it has sustained among the debt-recovery industry’s highest success rates.

“We’ve got a lot of technology and infrastructure in place to reach a large number of people very quickly,” explains Summerfelt. “So that’s why it’s convenient for businesses of all sizes to use us. We’re reaching people by mail, by telephone, by text, by email campaigns.

“Ultimately, the name of the game here is to increase cash flow for our customer but at the same time make sure the person who is paying that delinquent account remains on good terms and still has goodwill toward the client.”

Summerfelt has created a great atmosphere for the company’s employees, and that is reflected in how staff operate in its debt-collection initiatives. He has helped create a different approach in the industry.

“Most of the people we are competing with are huge, huge companies,” he says. “We are really the only one of the bigger current collection agencies that has its primary office in the West. Second, is our style or approach to debt collections; the individual has to be respected at all times, and that is number one in our code of ethics.

“The individual is everyone – it’s the debtor, it’s the client, it’s the employer, it’s our coworkers. If you treat someone with respect – true respect – you’re going to get it back in return.”

MetCredit doesn’t just believe in that as a lofty vision written on a plaque on the wall. It practises that core value each and every day.

Its strict code of ethics and conduct ensures that each employee represents clients in a confidential, professional and discreet manner throughout the entire collections process. In all its collection agency offices Canada-wide, it’s a core value it lives and breathes. Respect is at the heart of its training, policies, procedures and operational philosophy.

MetCredit is the trusted debt recovery partner of many top businesses from telecom companies to banks, credit unions and large consumer credit providers. Trust and satisfaction are the foundation upon which Summerfelt has grown the company.

MetCredit has developed an easy, oneof- a-kind online debt-collection system for loading one or many overdue accounts day or night. Once a client has been set up, there is no easier way to collect business debt. For more information about the company, email Brian at or visit