We deliver your marketing messages directly to hundreds of thousands of decision makers at more than 260,000 businesses, including about 98% of business addresses in 53 municipalities from Victoria to Ottawa. By swapping plates at the press, we can target a local audience, or help you reach an enormous audience across the country. 


Our creative geniuses, who have a rare edge in both imagery and words, will make magic of your marketing material. Our brainstorms are so strong, they are more like Category 5 brainhurricanes :)

Marketing Strategy

We understand marketing and the media landscape at a deep level and can help guide you to amazing results.

Content development

Content is king, and it is high time that you wore the crown. Let our award-winning team of ghostwriters scare up words that bring your thoughts to life and show that you are a thought leader in your field.

Public Relations

We not only write superior press releases; we can guarantee that hundreds of thousands of people will actually read them.

Investor Relations

Business Edge Media communicates regularly with a massive audience of investors. We have helped drive many millions of investment dollars to our clients and continue to do so through an unmatched package of print, web and social media marketing platforms.