Prairie Lithium positioned to capitalize on rising demand

Prairie Lithium

By now, most investors are aware that lithium is a critical ingredient in our energy future.

Many are also aware that lithium is the lightest of all solid metals, and that lithium demand is rising sharply because of its essential role in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) that power portable electronics, electric vehicles (EVs), and energy storage systems (ESS).

You may know that lithium has various industrial applications – including in manufacturing of multipurpose greases, medications, glass, and ceramics – and that the leading regions for lithium production are Australia, South America, and China.

But did you know that there are vast lithium resources in North America, and that there is a Canadian company that is well positioned to be a leader in lithium production in the years to come.

Prairie Lithium, headquartered in Emerald Park, Sask., holds the highest-quality inferred lithium brine resource in Canada discovered to date. Operating in Saskatchewan’s resource-rich and mining-friendly Williston Basin, Prairie Lithium’s projects have easy access to key infrastructure including electricity, natural gas, fresh water, paved highways, and railroads.

Proprietary technology will enable the company to utilize direct lithium extraction (DLE) from brine (mineral-rich, subsurface water deposits). Prairie Lithium has acquired petroleum wells scheduled for abandonment that can be used to streamline the process of penetrating the brine reservoirs.

It is a win-win scenario for Prairie Lithium – which obtains properties with built-in infrastructure and straightforward drilling access to lithium-rich deposits.

The environment is also a winner, since Prairie Lithium will be using best practices to extract resources that help fuel low-emission products such as EVs.

Soaring demand for lithium, combined with inadequate investment in lithium supply development, has driven prices to lofty levels. With the price of lithium increasing more than 500% from early 2021 to the end of 2022, new resources become more attractive and economically feasible to extract.

Meanwhile, Prairie Lithium’s geoscientists understand how to analyze lithium in brines, map the hydrochemistry, delineate reservoir quality, model   deliverability of the resource, and bring the resource to surface through drilling deep wells.

“We are a lithium resource company, and we are developing a direct lithium extraction technology to help unlock our resource that could also unlock other lithium brine resources,” says Prairie Lithium CEO Zach Mauer. “With an exceptional business model and an amazing team of geologists and engineers who will help make the most of our assets, we are very excited about the company’s future, as well as what these projects could do for investors.”

Prairie Lithium Corporation recently entered into a pre-acquisition agreement with Arizona Lithium Limited (ASX: AZL, AZLO, OTC: AZLAF), a company focused on the sustainable development of the Big Sandy Lithium Project in Arizona.

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