On The Edge

An edgy podcast that introduces you to Canada's most compelling business leaders

Arlene Dickinson

Entrepreneur, television celebrity, and best-selling author Arlene Dickinson shares her perspectives on a wide range of issues.

Desmond O’Kell

Enterprise Group Inc.’s Desmond O’Kell lays out the company’s successful business model

Claudia Tornquist

Kodiak Copper Corp. CEO Claudia Tornquist shares her story with Rob and Kelly.

Tareq Hadhad

Tareq Hadhad, the CEO of Peace by Chocolate, shares an amazing story of an immigrant family’s resilience and the people of Antigonish that adopted the Hadhads and their vision.


Anthony Shim

Anthony Shim's film Riceboy Sleeps won the Platform Prize at TIFF this year as the finest example of bold directorial vision.