REVSquared: the solution to your B2B sales challenges


By Rob Driscoll

Business Edge Media


Is your business among the many that are stuck in a rut, continually underperforming without making meaningful changes?


Perhaps you believe that you cannot afford to bring in a sales manager with the expertise and technical capability required to fix the problems and help drive your business to great profits.


I would argue that you can’t afford NOT to bring in that sales expertise.


The good news is, thanks to an innovative concept provided by Ruth van Vierzen of REVSquared Business Growth Agency, it will not cost you an arm, leg and a kidney to make it happen.


Ruth van Vierzenvan Vierzen is an Outsourced Sales Manager who provides solutions to your revenue challenges on a fractional basis. Fractional means you get a first-class sales leader at a fraction of the cost of bringing on a top-tier sales professional full time.


“SMB owners tend to wear too many hats,” says van Vierzen. “If they are also trying to be the sales manager, they generally don’t have the time or expertise to do it effectively. This leads to frustration with and among the sales team, missed opportunities and a reduced competitive edge.”


At some point, leadership needs to step back and recognize when it is time to call in outside expertise. The moment they start working with an Outsourced Sales Manager such as van Vierzen, the business operators see an immediate drop in stress as operational efficiency improves and revenue climbs.

“My role is as a boots-on-the-ground, tackle-the-priorities B2B sales specialist,” says van Vierzen.  “Think action, process improvements, visible results. I know that if I’m being called in, there are usually sales problems that need to be fixed right away.”

The benefits of working with REVSquared are many and compelling. van Vierzen brings more than two decades of business development experience to her clients. She has an extensive background in marketing and operations, which enables her to understand how the pieces of a business fit and work together.

“As an outsourced specialist, clients expect me to get onboarded quickly,” she says. “Having provided outsourced business services for many years, I am used to getting up to speed quickly on how a company operates, its culture, strategic vision, etc.


“I see the big picture while being detail oriented enough to know exactly what needs to be done to achieve company goals.

A common mistake among business owners is thinking that industry-specific technical experience is essential in a prospective sales leader.


“Yes, there are unique aspects to each industry and each company,” says van Vierzen. “But when I am building out a sales process, effective sales practices and techniques apply across industries.”


Ironically, van Vierzen is a sales trainer who believes that most companies spend too much time and resources on sales training.


“I think companies tend to rely on sales training as a quick-fix solution,” she says. “But group sales training is shown to have a low adoption rate. As soon as sales reps are back at their desks, they implement little to none of the training they have received. And without real-world application, the training content is soon forgotten.”


Van Vierzen says the data shows that ROI on sales training investment is historically very low. That’s why she prefers to deliver half- or full-day training sessions that allow participants to get a lot of the work done during the workshop training. They apply the learning during the training, so it is absorbed and becomes part of their new sales habits.


van Vierzen provides services on a fractional, month-to-month, non-contract basis. For more information on how to achieve dynamic sales growth, contact Ruth at, call/text 705-772-2443 or visit